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The Post Offices of Maine 2022 Edition

A project of the Maine Philatelic Society, The Post Offices of Maine 2022 has just been published. It is now available from Moosehead Communications, 207 Corinth Rd. Hudson, ME 04449-3057, at a cost of $35.00 postpaid. Please make checks payable to Moosehead Communications.

The Post Offices of Maine 2022, compiled by several members of the Maine Philatelic Society, is a completely revised and updated version of the 1995 The Post Offices of Maine, A Rarity Guide.

The book is 286 pages, the bulk of it two tables of 3300 post office listings. Table One is sorted by post office name, with town location, scarcity rating, historic and current county location, opening and closing dates and notes. Table Two is the same information, sorted by county and town. More than 200 new entries are included, primarily newly listed stations and branches, and county location changes.

Scarcity ratings have been updated, and are provided for each time period of an office; many opening and closing dates have been corrected, and more added; a few listings now recognized as errors have been moved to an appendix. Town locations, both current and historical, are noted, including most changes of post office location from one town to another. All changes from the previous edition have source citations. There is extensive introductory information, appendices and source listings, and numerous color illustrations. In the manner of specialized philatelic books these days, at least those which are actually printed, the book comes three hole punched, without a binder.

The online guide to Sources for Researching Maine Post Offices, Postmasters, and Postal History -- developed while researching the new edition of the book -- is available here.

27 October 2022