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The Postal History of Maine

As this section develops, we'll be using it to showcase links of interest in the postal history of Maine, at other websites, as well as archival material hosted here at

The Maine Postal History website, originally developed by the V. F. Thomas Co., and later supported on the website of the Waterville Stamp Club, is now being hosted here at Maintained and updated by Jim Husson, with some help from friends, this is an extensive and detailed website, organized by county and town, and at present includes about 425 pages for many towns in all the counties of Maine. This is a good first stop when you are researching the postal history or postmarks of a particular city, town, or township. As of October 2023, revisions have been put in place for all of Androscoggin County, and much of Aroostook.

Finding Aid for U. S. Postmaster Appointment Records, 1789 to the present*, a helpful companion for researching postmaster appointments in the online primary sources at the National Archives website. Designed to be printed out for convenient use while online.

Post Route Maps of Maine 1796-1942.* This includes links to many maps, all available for online viewing and as high-resolution downloads. --> Watch for an article with more detail on these fascinating maps in an upcoming issue of The Maine Philatelist.

Sources for Researching Maine Post Offices, Postmasters, and Postal History* was originally developed while researching the new edition of The Post Offices of Maine.

* Documents marked with an asterisk were developed by MPS members and are PDF files that can be readily printed or downloaded for offline use or sharing.

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